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Winter Reflections


We finally got more snow here in northern Utah. Yay! Such a crazy winter. This is one of my back deck views.


My oldest son, Zach, and I went for a scenic drive recently, and stopped at the Pass of the Standing Rock. According to a placard, this rock is 100 feet tall and 75 feet wide. It weighs several thousand tons.


Pioneer settlers named other rock formations in the area. My favorite names they chose are: Peek a Boo, Three Bars of Soap, and Johnny Jump Off.


Twilight cremes edge pale blue sky; Frosted pine trees stretched up high.

‘Tis the beginning of wintertide.

Powder crunches beneath booted feet; Roof tops coated in white sheets.

Chilled air nibbles nose and ears; My house is crying crystal tears.

‘Tis the show of wintertide.

Romping outings in the snow; Hearthside cozy and aglow.

Melted chocolate, snowflake mugs; Read alouds with cuddle-hugs.

Tis the joy of wintertide.

It’s 6pm, pitch black outside; Jack Frost’s antics never hide.

This is how the days pass by until the end of Wintertide.

~Camie & Darcie Madsen

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Welcome 2018 (Not Our Typical Winter)

This winter, here in Utah, there’s been more golfing than skiing. While the temps feel nice, we need more moisture for a green summer. The good news is we have a snow storm on its way. Welcome news!


I went to the dentist today, for my six-month check up. My dentist poked out a filling so my visit was extended while he replaced it. Sigh. At least I had no cavities.


It’s so much fun to spot deer in the neighborhood.


Here’s a question for all you WordPress bloggers- Have you ever had an issue where your likes on other blogs have disappeared? Mine seem to be doing that!


My January goals are off to a flying start. I’ve worked out every day this week so far. My husband created a spreadsheet showing all of our expenses from last year so we know where to cut back, plus we’ve been meeting with financial advisors. And, Marcus and I have been reading Nightmares! The Sleepwalker Tonic together. We are enjoying this kid series by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller.

Lima temple

This is one of the first photos my baby girl has emailed me from her mission. She’s been out a week now and she adjusting to MTC (missionary training center) life. She says the food is good, the teachers nice and patient, and she gets along great with her first companion. Prayers on her behalf are deeply appreciated. She will be in the MTC for six to eight weeks to learn Spanish and then she will be off to her first assigned area of her mission (Cusco).

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Foggy Winter Days


We are in the middle of a foggy winter inversion here in Utah. The foggy, frosty build up creates this lovely scene, but our air quality is not good.


This was my backyard view Sunday morning.


It’s always fun to spot deer in our neighborhood.


Just a few minutes later and do you see the difference? We drove up the neighborhood canyon where the air cleared. This was in the evening.


See that misty sea out there? That’s our town!


I mean, it’s under there somewhere.


Back in town, we visited the cemetery.


So, this is what winter looks like for us, thus far. No snow in the weekly forecast and no windstorm to blow away this fog. Yet. Today’s high was 29 degrees. Low: 16. Brrrr!

♥ What does your winter look and feel like at the moment? ♥


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A Winter’s Evening


It was a quiet day here. Well, except for my sneezing. I have the loudest sneeze of anyone I know! My family jokes about my sneezes rattling our windows. And it was my family, or rather my two sons, who were kind enough to pass their colds onto me.


It snowed again today, then rained immediately afterwards. I was content to stay inside in my pajamas. My oldest daughter was sweet enough to make breakfast for the four of us (me, herself and her two brothers). My husband left early this morning on a ten-day business trip. She made a delicious French toast casserole, bacon and scrambled eggs. She even made buttermilk syrup. Then she cleaned up so I could just relax. I have such good kids!


I watched my son’s online history class with him. I love that class. Today Brother DeGraff gave examples of how our Supreme Court impacts our society (for both better and for worse). One of the examples he gave was of Ruby Bridges. After his class, I thought it would be good for Marcus to watch a movie that might help him understand what life was like in the 1960’s. Since he had never seen, The Help, that was the one we chose. It’s a fictional story, but I really like it. I’ve read the book and highly recommend it.


The evening sky was so lovely tonight that I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures off our back deck, in my slippers of course.

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Idaho Falls in Winter


We spent this past weekend in Rexburg with Marissa, celebrating her birthday with her. On our way home we stopped by Idaho Falls to see its frozen state. There was only a peek of flowing water.

How is your January going so far? I worked out five mornings last week and it felt so good. I have a sweet gym here that I haven’t had access to in months. 💜

Last week I was asked if I would be placing Marcus in school here. I gave the firm answer of “No way!” 😜 This has been a question I’ve been asked time and again over our seven-plus years of homeschooling. I guess many acquaintances think that we only homeschool because we move around. Our friends and family know we are in this for the long haul. I remember how insecure and invisible I often felt in middle and high school. Honestly, I felt hopelessly lost at school, as if I were always the last to figure things out. I’m so thankful I have a confident 14-year old who likes himself and I honestly believe one reason he’s so comfortable in his own skin is because he hasn’t grown up confined to the rigid norms of public schooling.

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We’re Having a Heat Wave!


Just kidding. For some reason I have the song line, “We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave, the temperature’s rising, it isn’t surprising, she certainly can can-can!” stuck in my head.


Actually, we are in the middle of a winter storm warning and freezing rain.


My oldest son and I have been braving the weather at different times to satisfy our love for outdoor photography.


I even re-visited my favorite red barn.


This was the best shot I could get of a herd of elk camping out just off the highway here.


♥ I hope all of my readers are staying warm! How is the weather where you live? ♥

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New Year’s Snow


Welcome 2017! Our white Christmas was the beginning of a winter wonderland here in northern Utah. I think the snow is gorgeous!


Yesterday my husband drove me around our neighborhood so I could take these snowy pictures. They make me think of postcards.


I love the little lanes some of our neighbors have. I had to stand just right to get the little peek of the red cabin at the end.


I have some fun news to share: my oldest son has moved back home. Today, he and I drove his little sister back to her university (less than four hours away) for winter semester. We took her to pick up her textbooks and then to Walmart for groceries to stock her up again.


After winter semester, she will return home for spring and summer. And for those seasons this year, I will have all four of my kiddos home. I am one happy mama!


Tomorrow Marcus and I start our homeschooling back up and I am really looking forward to that. We can make full use of our basement now because the young newlywed couple moved out today. They were only here on a four month internship and now have returned to the same university as my daughter. We will miss them!


Yesterday my son was using our snowblower and ran over the extension cord for our Christmas inflatables, completely severing it. It’s been too cold to take down the outside decorations.


♥ Do you have snow where you live? I hope all my readers are experiencing a great start to their new year, and if anyone is sick, I hope you feel better soon. ♥