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Places to Visit- New York City

Last week, my two sons and I enjoyed a history trip to NYC, Philadelphia and Boston. Today I’m sharing what we saw and did in New York City. We started our trip there, spending three days altogether. This was a group trip, through the fabulous Liahona Preparatory Academy (the private school which my son takes online classes through, as part of our homeschooling). We each made new friends, saw history come to life, and made memories to last a lifetime.

On our first day in NYC, we were on our own to explore Times Square and anything else we desired. It was a rainy Memorial Day and we were exhausted from our red-eye flight, but had to wait until evening for our room to be available. Times Square is not my favorite because of the throngs of people, the pushy street hustlers (avoid eye contact and keep walking!) and the gross naked women (the naked cowboy isn’t so bad). We visited the Disney, M&M and Hershey stores. Later we bought warm cashew nuts from a vendor. Yum!


In Times Square we came across these cool orange top chairs.

From Times Square, we made our way to Bryant Park. This is one of the green spaces in NYC. It’s a place to enjoy free entertainment, grab a bite to eat and people-watch.

This monument is of William Cullen Bryant, who was a poet and newspaper editor. He was also the campaign chairperson for Central Park. He lived from 1794-1879.

And then to Grand Central Station, er Terminal. You can read about its history here. There is a small museum inside which we toured, and we grabbed a drink at one of the little shops. Mostly we people-watched. We watched one guy scrimmage through a garbage can and eat left-over scraps of food.


Grand Central Terminal is the largest train station in the world.
The dome ceiling has some cool detail.

The next morning we took a bus tour called, The Ride. It was really fun and I highly recommend it. We had a great guide, the bus “talks” and has some cool effects, and we were given a history of NYC as we rode through the streets. We were dropped off (as prearranged) at “our” Manhattan temple.

the ride
My view from the bus.
LDS Manhattan Temple (photo courtesy of

From the temple we walked to Central Park. I love Central Park!


Belvedere Castle and Turtle Pond
View of Turtle Pond and beyond from Belvedere Castle’s balcony.

That night we saw the Broadway show, Anastasia, which we really liked. It is based off the animated film, but the villain is not Rasputin. After the show, we went back to our hotel for some yummy cheesecake from Junior’s. (This was when I discovered that my extremely picky-eater actually likes chocolate cheesecake! I tell you, this is a miracle!)


On our last day in NYC, we visited the 9/11 Memorial.



After that, we walked to Battery Park where we hopped on a ferry to Liberty Island,

DSC04490 (2)

and Ellis Island.

DSC04503 (3)
Ellis Island was my favorite. I only wish we’d been given more time there. We had to leave early to get to another Broadway show.




DSC04532 (2)

The last Broadway show we saw was, On Your Feet. Both Anastasia and On Your Feet (which is the story of Gloria and Emilio Estefan) were wonderful performances. My least favorite part of our NYC experience was taking the subway.

♥ Stay tuned for highlights from Philadelphia. Have you visited New York City? Are you a city or a country person? I’m definitely a country gal! But I’ve lived in some major cities with my family, due to my husband’s job. My favorite cities are Seattle, Toronto, and I have to admit, I fell in love with Boston. Do you have a favorite city? ♥

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History Trip Highlights

I spent all of last week with my two sons, in NYC, Philadelphia and Boston, at some historic sites, as well as other experiences. I’ll cover each city more in-depth in upcoming posts, but here are some highlights from our whirlwind trip…

New York City-

Times Square
Our hotel was right on Times Square.
Grand Central Station is featured in several movies, such as Avengers. Here we are in the terminal lobby.
These doors lead to the 42nd Street Library, adjacent to Bryant Park.
View from Bryant Park
Belvedere Castle and Turtle Pond in Central Park
We saw the Broadway shows, Anastasia and On Your Feet.
9/11 Memorial
DSC04499 (2)
Liberty Island
DSC04503 (3)
Ellis Island was my favorite NYC site.


DSC04627 (2)
The Franklin Institute was a lot of fun.
This replica of George Washington’s chair, which Benjamin Franklin commented on, is at the Museum of The American Revolution.
Independence Hall where the signing room for the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution is located.


Minute Man Park, where “the shot heard ’round the world” happened.
Boston guard cat
The USS Constitution was Marcus’ favorite attraction. We walked on deck and below. Very cool!
Walking The Freedom Trail was so much fun!

♥ Have you visited any of these historic sites? Seen any Broadway shows? Have any fun trips coming up? I’d love to hear about it! ♥