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Welcome 2018 (Not Our Typical Winter)

This winter, here in Utah, there’s been more golfing than skiing. While the temps feel nice, we need more moisture for a green summer. The good news is we have a snow storm on its way. Welcome news!


I went to the dentist today, for my six-month check up. My dentist poked out a filling so my visit was extended while he replaced it. Sigh. At least I had no cavities.


It’s so much fun to spot deer in the neighborhood.


Here’s a question for all you WordPress bloggers- Have you ever had an issue where your likes on other blogs have disappeared? Mine seem to be doing that!


My January goals are off to a flying start. I’ve worked out every day this week so far. My husband created a spreadsheet showing all of our expenses from last year so we know where to cut back, plus we’ve been meeting with financial advisors. And, Marcus and I have been reading Nightmares! The Sleepwalker Tonic together. We are enjoying this kid series by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller.

Lima temple

This is one of the first photos my baby girl has emailed me from her mission. She’s been out a week now and she adjusting to MTC (missionary training center) life. She says the food is good, the teachers nice and patient, and she gets along great with her first companion. Prayers on her behalf are deeply appreciated. She will be in the MTC for six to eight weeks to learn Spanish and then she will be off to her first assigned area of her mission (Cusco).

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Foggy Winter Days


We are in the middle of a foggy winter inversion here in Utah. The foggy, frosty build up creates this lovely scene, but our air quality is not good.


This was my backyard view Sunday morning.


It’s always fun to spot deer in our neighborhood.


Just a few minutes later and do you see the difference? We drove up the neighborhood canyon where the air cleared. This was in the evening.


See that misty sea out there? That’s our town!


I mean, it’s under there somewhere.


Back in town, we visited the cemetery.


So, this is what winter looks like for us, thus far. No snow in the weekly forecast and no windstorm to blow away this fog. Yet. Today’s high was 29 degrees. Low: 16. Brrrr!

♥ What does your winter look and feel like at the moment? ♥


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November Blessings- Day 10 (My Favorite Utah Canyon)

If you live in Utah or have ever visited Utah, you know that our mountains are wonderful, and that means we have some delightful canyons. My favorite is Logan Canyon, which might be because we live close enough to drive and hike it often.

We thought the speckling of snow on these trees was a pretty sight.

In September, Marcus and I started a Friday Nature Club with several other homeschooling families in our valley. This morning we were all set (or so we thought) to join the club in a hike located approximately 30 miles up Logan Canyon.

At the scenic overlook. Bear Lake is in the distance, hidden under the cloud cover.

However, when we arrived the lot was snowed in and hadn’t been plowed. I worried my car might get stuck. And, while I had wore my hiking boots, Marcus was wearing only sneakers. He wasn’t thrilled about hiking in a foot of snow in sneakers. So, we ended up bowing out.

Bear Lake seemed mystical in between the pines and clouds.

But we both agreed that it wasn’t a waste of a drive and I got a few photos to share with my readers. 🙂


On our drive back down the canyon, we stopped at a few pull-outs and took in the scenery. We were also listening to our latest audio book, Rush Revere and the First Patriots. We are really enjoying this series, and it fits so well with what he is learning in his online history class this year (early American history).


Ricks Spring

♥ Today I feel blessed to have a son who will spend time meandering with me through a canyon. ♥

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Autumn in Northern Utah


It’s autumn time in the country side. I just want to stay outdoors and soak it all in.


Time for faded blue jeans, brown boots and my favorite Robin egg sweater.


Colors abound; Amber waves amid rust, sage, and apricot.


Wet or crunchy leaves mat the ground, lining up along the road in friendly clumps.


Various textures mingle together; They charm my senses and quietly beg me to capture the moment.


I roam my backyard, ever so gratified with my Creator’s orchestration.


It couldn’t be more perfect, I muse; The natural harmony overwhelms me.


I am deeply, utterly, passionately… content!


I think when I return home from my autumn exploration, I’ll curl up on my deck with the cat and a classic book!

♥ Last week while my son was away at a youth conference, and after I had recovered from a rather traumatic root canal (I had to see a specialist because my tooth’s roots were curvy), there was this glorious autumn day beckoning me to “come out and play”.  With no hesitation, I abandoned all housework, tossed my camera bag (tripod and all), into my car, and drove aimlessly around the back streets of my home town. I stopped here and there and every-which-where. I took spontaneous photos of any and everything that delighted me. Which is your favorite? Thanks for reading and visiting my blog. Happy October! ♥