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Idaho Prairie Houses


We took a drive into Idaho yesterday and came across these two relics. 🙂


We were able to get out and walk through an open gate, onto the tall prairie grass for a close up look at each one.


As I put this post together, I watched the opening ceremonies for the winter Olympics. I thought it was a spectacular, touching show. Who else will be watching these Olympics? Who else loves the figure skating?


This one has definitely seen better days!


Hello, Marcus! As he looked in one side, and I looked in the other, we could see the remnants of a stove and a metal bed frame.


It was Zach’s birthday this week. He shares my love for nature and photography. On this day he was outside with his camera. And a cane. It’s been nearly two years since he was diagnosed with MS, in his early twenties. He’s just experienced his third relapse which has affected his walking and balance. I admire him so much for his inner strength and his positive attitude. He reminds me to find joy in every single day.

♥ I wish all of my readers a joy filled week ahead. Thanks for stopping by. If you’re watching the Olympics with me, comment below on your favorite winter sport. ♥

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November Blessings- Day 13 (Perspective)

It was a glorious day here. My oldest son and I did quite a bit of yard work. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow and snow is in the forecast for Friday. We’ll see what happens.


At the end of this past September, I attended my very first homeschool conference (Wild & Free) with the sweetest, most delightful friend I’ve ever been blessed to have.

Zach told me this photo is his favorite. It’s my favorite, also.

Our conference took place at The Factory at Franklin, and since Audria and I were a day early, we spent time there roaming around, checking out the industrial setting.




I had my camera with me and suddenly we were looking for photo ops I could take from a different perspective. We were both thinking of my oldest son, Zach, and how he often takes unique photos. It was really fun to look at things from what might have been his perspective had he been there.

I have a favorite quote about perspective-

It is good to look to the past

to gain appreciation for the present

and perspective for the future.

~ Gordon B. Hinckley

♥ There is a lot I could say about perspective, but it’s past 10pm here and I need my sleep! But if you want to say anything about perspective, please go ahead! ♥

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Places to Visit- Boston

This is in Minute Man Park, which is absolutely lovely.

After visiting NYC and Philadelphia, we visited Boston. I loved Boston! Actually, our first stop was Minute Man National Historic Park which is situated a little outside of Boston, in Lexington, Lincoln and Concord.

My allergies started up the first day there! It must’ve been the blossoms.
DSC04866 (2)
Inside the Minute Man Trail visitor center. Make sure you see the Road to Revolution show.


This is a replica of Old North Bridge, where “the shot heard round the world” happened.

After spending the morning in Minute Man Park, we headed to Boston where we started on The Freedom Trail. This was a fabulous end to our history trip.

DSC04930 (3)
Bunker Hill Monument


The Freedom Trail runs through the heart of Boston and there are 16 historic sites to see along the way.

The USS Constitution

We walked right on board the USS Constitution, which was dry-docked. We even toured the lower deck. There was a security check before boarding. Adults had to show some I.D. such as a driver’s license, and all bags were inspected.

DSC04991 (3)
Copp’s Hill Burying Ground


Old North Church where two lanterns gave a signal from the steeple in one of the American Revolution’s famous moments.

Old North Church is the oldest standing church in Boston and is an Episcopal church today. Visitors are strongly encouraged to give a donation.

Inside Old North Church there are traditional pew boxes, such as this one.


Monument of Paul Revere on his horse.
Paul Revere’s house

There was a small fee to enter Paul Revere’s house and no photography is allowed inside. Definitely worth the tour!

The Freedom Trail is marked the entire way by this red-brick path.
Old State House is now a charming children’s museum with gift shop.

DSC05113 (2)

DSC05089 (2)
In 1776, the people of Boston heard The Declaration of Independence read from this balcony.

We did not get to finish The Freedom Trail, but what we did see was wonderful and I hope someday to return. ♥ Have you ever walked The Freedom Trail? If so, what was your favorite part? Marcus’ favorite was the USS Constitution. I think my favorite was Paul Revere’s house. ♥

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Horse Pulls

Last week was our little town’s Black & White Days, so named for the Holstein cattle shows dating back to 1912. Apparently, this is the “longest running Holstein cattle show west of the Mississippi”.

Giving the horses some exercise before competition.
The sled itself weighs 2,000 lbs.

I didn’t take any photos of the Holstein. Tuesday-Friday held various cattle shows and other judging for 4-H and FFA. The kids and I checked things out in the middle of the week, catching a glimpse of a cattle show on our way to the youth council’s hamburger stand.

Adding 500 lb. barrels.
Bringing the horses around to hook them.

Saturday held a full day of events, beginning with a chuck wagon breakfast. There was a fun run, highland games, and several food vendors selling typical fair food- fry bread, corn dogs, deep fried Oreos, caramel corn, and elk burgers? The day wrapped up with a parade, followed by the most popular event, the horse pulls.


Bringing his horses to a stop, having made the pull.

Aren’t these draft horses beautiful? There were three competitions: light-weight, medium-weight and heavy-weight. There was usually eight competitors per competition.

My lovely daughters.
This team did not want to hook!

Competitors came from neighboring states and of course, our own town. In years past, we’ve had competitors from Canada as well.

♥ Have you ever watched a horse pull? Does your town have any annual celebrations? I’d love to hear about it! ♥