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Merry Christmas!

I love this song and I think Peter Hollens is amazing! (I also like Josh Groban.) Wishing my readers a joyous and beautiful Christmas! I don’t know about you, but I plan to silence my phone and leave my laptop alone this weekend (right after I post this, haha). I want to live in the moment and embrace Christmas with my husband and children (and my mother-in-law who is visiting, and the young couple downstairs when they are here with us). Tomorrow we will celebrate Marcus’ birthday and end the day reading the Christmas story from scripture, singing carols and unwrapping a new pair of pajamas (one of my kids’ favorite traditions). On Christmas Day we will attend a church service and worship with our ward (LDS congregation) family, in between opening gifts to each other and enjoying my husband’s famous (to us they are famous!) waffles. And I will gaze at the beautiful manger on my coffee table and ponder the gift of a precious baby who was born to be the Savior of the world.

♥ Merry Christmas! ♥

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O Come, Emmanuel

I wanted to share some of the ways my family has been participating in Light the World. We put together a special anonymous Christmas gift for a widow in our ward. I shared one of my favorite scripture verses in a group text (which prompted another to share theirs). We treated my mom and her husband to a delicious dinner at a favorite restaurant. We’ve prayed for others as a family. We participated in a food drive for our local food bank. We’ve shared our dinner with the young couple living in our basement. We’ve attended our church services. Today was the Christmas program (Christmas Sunday will be talks by each member of the bishopric) which featured a narrator reading the Christmas story from the scriptures, music by our choir, musical numbers, and several hymns the congregation sang along with the choir.

♥ I would love to hear ways you’ve been sharing your light with the world this Christmas season. ♥

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Worldwide Day of Service

Today is Worldwide Day of Service. This beautiful video might inspire you to make time to give of yourself today. Every act of kindness lights the world.

Let’s light the world together this Christmas.

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Love Like Theirs

This song really touches my heart. I feel like I have “a love like theirs”. I’ve been married for twenty-four years to a very sweet man. We have a strong marriage.  I’m incredibly blessed. ❤️

And now I have some great news to share: My loyal readers might recall that we’ve been temporarily living in Tucson, Arizona, for a year now (in an apartment). We also have a house in Utah that we’ve owned for four years, but have only lived in for a couple months here and there (and that’s just me and the kids). My news is that we are moving home to actually live there, at least for a year and then who knows, but this is truly an answer to prayer. We will be closer to our college kids and Marcus will be where he has two amazing friends. This is finally possible because my husband’s company is allowing him to work from home (he will be traveling though). Right now David and I are in AZ to pack and tie up loose ends. We will be moving home next weekend. 😊

Let me know what you think of this music video. Do you know a couple like this? My thoughts go to my maternal grandparents who were seldom apart and each other’s best friend. They passed away in their eighties, within a year of each other. ❤️

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Love at Home

This is one of my favorite hymns that we sing at church. I think that my family brings love into our home when we have cheerful attitudes, are considerate of each other’s space and feelings, speak to one another in soft tones, are quick to forgive each other’s mistakes, and when we put away worldly distractions to spend quality time together. Some of my favorite moments at home are around the dinner table because we don’t allow books or electronics while we eat and we engage in lively conversation. Often, we end up sharing funny experiences we’ve had which brings out smiles and laughter.

I also love crafting with my daughters and when I can get Marcus interested, creating with him as well. This week for example, Marcus and I been making Minecraft decorations for an upcoming Truck or Treat activity. I’m enjoying our time painting creepers, square pumpkins and spiders with him.

 ♥ What are some of the ways your family brings love into your home? What are some of your family’s favorite activities at home? ♥