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Our Favorite Read-alouds in Our Homeschool (Surprising Books)

In our homeschool we have read what I call “surprising books”. All, but one of these are books Marcus and I read together throughout his fifth and sixth grade years as part of a wonderful online reading class we shared together. I would not have thought to read these books otherwise and found each one… Continue reading Our Favorite Read-alouds in Our Homeschool (Surprising Books)

Homeschooling Corner

3 Surprising Ways Homeschooling Has Blessed Me as a Mom

We often hear how homeschooling benefits the child, as well as improving the quality of family life and family relationships.

But did you know that homeschooling can benefit the parent who is directly involved in the homeschooling process? That is how it has been for me ever since I embarked on this journey seven-plus years ago. While I could make a lengthy list of ways homeschooling has blessed me as a mom, today I wish to focus on three blessings I did not anticipate. So, without further ado…