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He Is Risen (Bible Video)

I hope you’ll watch this beautifully done video from the Life of Jesus Christ Bible video series. You can find additional Bible videos here and other Easter videos here. These are great to share with your family.

I have a testimony of our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. I know He sacrificed for each one of us in a way I will never fully understand. His suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane, when he took upon himself all the sins of the world, means we will be forgiven of our sins if we sincerely repent and forsake them. He suffered terribly and died upon the cross, for us. He was resurrected, his body and spirit reunited, three days later. This means we too will live again, our bodies and spirits will be reunited, after we leave this mortal life. We could only have these amazing gifts through our Savior. Someone had to pay the price and He paid that price, for us. Jesus has shown us the way to live here on earth so that we can return home safely to our Father in Heaven. All we have to do is follow His example, be His hands here on earth, and let His light shine through us.

♥ Happy Easter to all my readers. ♥

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The Prince of Peace (and a 52 Story)

Since today is Palm Sunday and it’s the start of Holy Week, I want to share a campaign which my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has launched: The Prince of Peace. I hope you enjoy the video and will take a little time this week to reflect on the eight principles selected from our Savior’s life- Faith, God’s word, Compassion, Gratitude, Prayer, Forgiveness, Repentance, and Hope.


Today I’d like to share one of my 52 Stories which focuses on prayer and a recent answer to two prayers. I have been an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints all my life. I honestly cherish my faith because of the gospel of Jesus Christ, which brings me immense joy and peace. I love knowing who I am (a daughter of God), and why I’m here on earth, and how I can return home safely to Him.

In my church, each congregation is called a ward and in every ward there are many volunteer opportunities to serve one another. We call these, callings, and we receive our callings from our Heavenly Father through the prayers of inspired ward leaders, such as the presidencies of each organization, and always, the bishopric (the bishop and his first and second counselors). I have held many callings throughout my life, in various wards that I been a part of (in the U.S., Canada, and Peru). I have taught and served children of all ages. I have worked with the youth/teenagers. I have worked with and served the women, or sisters, in my ward. Each calling has taught me different follower and leader skills, and each has stretched me spiritually, growing my testimony.

♥ I  have two personal rules with each calling I receive: First, I always say “yes” to a calling, trusting that it came from my Heavenly Father and He knows what I need in my life at that time. Second, I always give my best effort to each calling, even if my heart is not in it at first. I have found that I enjoy my callings more when my heart is “in it” and the more I give my best effort, the more the heart joins in. ♥

My absolute favorite callings are in Primary, the children’s organization. I love those callings more than any other. I guess you could say, those are my heart callings. My last Primary calling was when I lived in Canada, and it ended in the spring of 2011. For six years now I’ve held callings outside of Primary, which have allowed me to attend Relief Society class on Sundays (Relief Society is the women’s organization). And that has been good for me, but I have truly missed serving in Primary, and for me, it goes a little deeper… I wanted more children, but it wasn’t meant to be, and my kids are now 14, 19, 21 & 24. Sometimes I just miss having little ones in my home. I have been praying often over the past six years for another Primary calling.

As some of my readers know, we move around with my husband’s job, but we have a home-base here in Utah. In other words, we have owned a home here in northern Utah for the past five years, but most of that time, we have lived outside of Utah because my husband’s job is not in Utah. This is the first time we have actually lived here consistently as my husband is working from home for the first time ever. So our ward here never knows whether we are coming or going. I’ve been here since last Thanksgiving and in December I started praying to Heavenly Father for any calling in this ward.

Today I am starting a new calling! I am so happy because I am going to be the Primary teacher to a 3-year old boy with some special needs. We will spend part of the Primary hours in nursery with the younger children, and part of the time with his Sunbeam class (the Sunbeams are the 3-year olds). When a counselor in the bishopric extended this calling to me two Sundays ago, he told me that this was a unique calling and my name kept coming up for it. Later, when I talked to the boy’s mom and the Primary president, and especially when I was set-apart by my bishop (I was given a special blessing to help me in my calling), I could feel my Heavenly Father’s love for me. He has finally answered both of my prayers, but in His time because He knows best. I have a testimony of prayer and know God hears and answers our prayers.Happy Palm Sunday. ♥

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Nativities and Our Christmas Advents


We have a lovely newlywed couple living temporarily in our basement (which has all the components of an apartment such as a full kitchen, master suite, 2nd laundry room and 2nd family room). The husband made us this manger as an early Christmas gift. It’s the perfect fit for my oldest nativity set. I couldn’t sleep early this morning so I sat on my couch and just looked at this rustic manger. I love it. Maybe I can find a light brown cloth or burlap to go underneath.


Most of our nativities are from Peru. We have at least twelve different Peruvian nativities. Most are small like these on our piano, but I do have two large sets. (The nativity at the very back belongs to the wife of the couple I just mentioned. It’s from Africa and made out of banana leaves.)


I wanted to share our family’s Christmas advents. We count down the 24 days leading up to Christmas by reading a special story each night. In past years we have read these stories out of a binder which my sister-in-law made for us. This year I had enough Christmas storybooks in our collection to wrap them individually. One is randomly selected and unwrapped each night for our story time. Some of these storybooks have accompanying CDs or DVDs which we listen to or watch. Most of these stories are about the true meaning of Christmas. On Christmas Eve, we read the Christmas story out of the Bible.


This year we started a new advent tradition- 12 days of Christmas. I made a set of 12 ornaments out of Jenga blocks, each featuring a different name of Christ found in the Bible or The Book of Mormon. I wrapped each one and put a tag on it so we’d know which to open on which day. There is an accompanying scripture verse with each one.

♥ How does your family count down to Christmas? I hope all of my readers are having a wonderful week. ♥


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Let’s Light the World Together

There is so much darkness in our world today. Our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, showed us the way to live here on earth. Let’s follow His example of giving to others, from our hearts. There are simple ways we can help lift one another’s burdens, share our talents and bring smiles to those who are lonely or in need of spiritual, emotional or physical nourishment. Each time we give of ourselves, we add some of Christ’s light to our world.

For some simple ideas on how to light the world or to learn more about our Savior, Jesus Christ, you can visit

One of the many things I love about my church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) is how we hear from our living prophet and apostles throughout the year at special times. At the start of each Christmas season we receive uplifting messages by church leaders and beautiful music by The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square. I invite my readers, friends and their families to watch the First Presidency’s Christmas Devotional this Sunday, December 4th at 6:00pm (MST). It will be broadcast from the home page and through other internet and TV options. Please visit this page for more details.

If you choose to participate in #Light the World or if you watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional, I’d love to hear about it (be sure to leave a comment below).

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Replacing Stress With Joy

From the October General Conference talk, Joy and Spiritual Survival.

Confession: I have this way of stewing over, stressing over and obsessing over some of the negative things in my life, most of which I cannot change or control. Why do I torture myself in this way? Yesterday in church, as I was partaking of the sacrament and reflecting on my Savior’s atoning sacrifices for me, this clarifying thought came to my mind:

What an amazing relief to hand over my worries to a loving Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ, who can do so much more with them than I can. This frees me to use my precious time and energy on worthwhile things that bring me joy, such as spending time with those who love me- time when I am truly living in the moment.

This past week I found out that someone I once trusted had done something to deliberately hurt me. I let this particular issue eat at me for a couple of days, adding bitterness to my initial sorrow and pulling me into a state of depression around my poor husband and son who were trying desperately to cheer me up.

One morning I came to my senses and knelt down in prayer to my Heavenly Father. I tearfully poured my heart out to Him. I didn’t hold anything back. I also asked Him to help me forgive this person and see them as He sees them (as one of His children, just as I am one of His children). Once I had let all my anguish out, I started thanking my Heavenly Father for my many blessings. I named blessing after blessing off the top of my head. I felt so much lighter afterwards! I was reminded that the good in my life far outweighs the bad.

Looking back on last week, as soon as I let go of the issue I had been obsessing over, I finally felt peace and recognized joy in my every day life. One of the highlights of my week was spending three hours at an elderly neighbor’s home, easing some of her loneliness by having a long conversation with her about anything she wanted to talk about. I also felt joy every night when my son and I took a walk together (it’s the only time here when the temps cool down!). I felt joy preparing a delicious meatloaf dinner for my husband after a long day at work. I felt joy making a homemade birthday gift for my niece. I’m so glad I turned to my Heavenly Father in prayer that day and let go of the burden I had been carrying. Joy is so much nicer than stress!

♥ Have you ever had a similar experience? What are some of the joyful moments in your life that replace your stress? ♥