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Thanksgiving Stain Glass Art and Turkey Cupcakes

My Friday craft group had one extra day with me before Thanksgiving break, so we did some easy Thanksgiving stain glass art and transformed cupcakes and cookies into turkeys.

My 3-year olds colored their pages directly with washable markers.

For the stain glass art I provided:

  • Sheet protectors
  • Printed Thanksgiving coloring pages
  • Sharpies (black, green, yellow, orange, purple, red, etc.)

For the cupcakes I provided:

  • Cupcakes, baked and unfrosted (any flavor)
  • Frosting (any kind)
  • Milano cookies (Similar shape to Nutter Butters, but peanut-free for those with allergies)
  • Candies (I could not find Candy Corn as it’s already out of season! So I chose Dots, jelly beans, Mike and Ikes, and Swedish fish)
  • Oreo cookies (optional, I just had them on hand)
  • Decorating gels (to make the eyes)


To make the stain glass art, simply put a black and white printed coloring page inside a sheet protector. Then use the Sharpies to color it on the outside of the sheet protector. My girls found it easier to color inside parts first, and then outline with black Sharpie.


For the turkey cupcakes, first the girls frosted each one and set them aside. Laying the Milano cookies flat on the table, the girls used left over frosting to “glue” candy of their choice to form a turkey beak and wattle. They used the decorating gels (the colors I had on hand) to make eyes. We discovered that the decorated cookies needed to sit flat for a few minutes for the gel and frosting to set before standing them up in the cupcakes. Once they were in the cupcakes, the girls added “feathers”. Some used the Mike and Ikes or jelly beans. Some used the cookie part of Oreos and tilted it behind the Milano “body”.

♥ So, what are your Thanksgiving plans? We will have a relaxed Thanksgiving at home with the five of us (my youngest daughter is on a mission in Peru) and two guests who are friends of my oldest son. My husband is home all week (he currently works out of state) which is really nice. As much as we’ve lived apart for half of our marriage, it never gets easier. We’ve started putting out our Christmas decorations and that will continue throughout the week. I have a LOT of decorations I’ve collected over the years. I love, love, love decorating my home for seasons and holidays. 🙂 We are also getting a Christmas package together for our missionary and her companion. I’d love to hear your Thanksgiving plans.♥

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Highlights of Pumpkin Walk 2017


Here in Cache Valley, every October, there is a Pumpkin Walk. It’s a free event which showcases a lot of creativity and talent. (By the way, if you click on the above link, you’ll be taken to the gallery where there are videos of Pumpkin Walks going back to 2013.)


This year, Marcus and I visited the Pumpkin Walk with several other homeschooling families in our Friday Nature Club. This is a club we started in September. Our club gathers on most Fridays for a hike or other outdoor activity.


Each year has a different theme. This year’s theme was “It’s about Time.”


The Pumpkin Walk began in 1983 when a couple opened their farm as a way to give children in their community a light-hearted version of Halloween. It began with just one pumpkin scene and was an immediate hit, attracting more visitors each year until it outgrew the farm.

little critter
Isn’t this too cute? Each group of critters is reading a book together. For example, the pig family are reading the story: If You Give a Pig a Pancake.

At that point, the city of North Logan took it over and moved it to a city park. It’s just a delightful event for children and adults alike.

star wars

The Star Wars scene was our top favorite.

“They keep asking themselves if these are the gourds they are looking for?”
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2
My favorite Halloween movie!

♥ Does your community hold a similar event with pumpkins? I’d love to hear about it. ♥

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Hiking Utah- Payson Lakes

Utah is a great state for hiking or nature paths as well as other outdoor activities. This summer my family and I took a drive up Nebo Loop Scenic Byway. It gets its name from Mount Nebo, which is the southern-most highest summit.


We stopped off at Big East Lake, one of Payson Lakes. There are three altogether. They are called Payson Lakes because Nebo Loop is also Payson Canyon. Yes, it has two names. Payson Canyon of course is named after the city of Payson.


There is a lovely paved walking path all around this lake. It’s perfect for families with young children and anyone wishing for a relaxing walk with scenic views.



Is this a good time to mention that there have been Bigfoot sightings in Payson Canyon?

DSC06183 (2)

We didn’t see Bigfoot that day, but we did enjoy the views of the trees and the lake.


After leaving the lake, we were only able to enjoy a couple more stop offs on the loop to take in the views before it started pouring rain.


Next time we return to Nebo Loop (or Payson Canyon), we will have to check out Devil’s Kitchen.

♥ I can’t believe summer is nearly over! But for Marcus and I at least, our hiking days will still go on because we’ve formed a homeschool nature club which starts up next month. Also next month, my husband, Marcus, and I will enjoy a weekend together in Yellowstone National Park. Thanks for reading! ♥

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Celebrating Pioneer Day

In Utah we have a special holiday we celebrate every July 24th: Pioneer Day. It’s become a family tradition to spend the weekend of the 24th in Salt Lake City so we can enjoy the Days of ’47 events. It’s called the Days of ’47 because on July 24, 1847, Brigham Young arrived with the first Mormon pioneers to settle this valley. There had been much persecution from mobs, forcing the saints out of Nauvoo, Illinois.


On Friday evening we joined other Star Wars fans at a Bees game. It was a lot of fun and ended with a spectacular fireworks show to Star Wars theme music.

DSC06017 (2)


We were there with my sister, her children and her boyfriend (who took this pic), my brother and his family, and my husband’s long-time friend who was visiting from Tulsa (he sat in-between us).


On Saturday afternoon the kids and I took a tour of the Beehive House. This was a home belonging to Brigham Young. It contains some original pieces, such as his writing desk, as well as period pieces of furniture.


On Saturday evening we enjoyed the Days of ’47 Cowboy Games and Rodeo at the Utah State Fair Park.

DSC06109 (2)

The opening was exciting.

I have a new memory card for my DSLR camera and it’s supposed to take the best quality video.


Aren’t these horses gorgeous?

DSC06129 (2)

The rodeo also ended in fireworks which I chose to simply enjoy.


On Sunday we spent the day driving up the Nebo Loop Scenic Byway, where we stopped to walk around Payson Lake. I may do a separate post about Nebo Loop and Payson Lake.


On Monday morning we watched the Days of ’47 parade.


DSC06374 (2)





♥ I have several pioneer ancestors (through my mother’s side) who made the trek out west. I know a little about them from my family genealogy records. ♥ Does your state have a special holiday such as our Pioneer Day? I’d love to hear about it! ♥

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Hiking Utah- Snow Canyon


Snow Canyon State Park is located near St George, Utah. We visited there for the first time last month when we went to see Shrek the Musical and Newsies at Tuacahn. Snow Canyon and Tuacahn are next door neighbors.

If you’re ever in St George make sure you see a performance at Tuacahn Amphitheatre.
DSC05147 (2)
These names were written in axel grease and date back to 1881. Of course, others have added their names because people like to do that for some reason!

The first trail we hiked was called Pioneer Names trail.

I am seldom in photos since I’m usually the photographer. So, here I am!
DSC05155 (2)
My nephew, Erik, joined us for the day.

This trail is short and sweet, offering rock climbing for all ages, fun photo ops and great views.

DSC05196 (2)
Can you spot my oldest son? He’s camouflaged!

Next, we visited a picnic site and I honestly don’t know what this area is called, but it had an awesome climbing rock.

DSC05195 (2)

Snow Canyon was first discovered by Mormon pioneers while seeking for some of their wandering cattle. Snow Canyon was named for Lorenzo and Erastus Snow, early Mormon pioneer leaders.

DSC05229 (2)

Once on top, there was a huge area to explore and spectacular views.

DSC05251 (2)

Our final hike was Lava Flow trail. We only hiked a part of it, but what we saw was lovely. The contrast between the lava rock and the red rock is cool.

DSC05260 (2)

This was my favorite hike. There are several other hikes in Snow Canyon which we didn’t get to because of our limited time, but this was a great preview visit!

♥ Thanks for reading! If you’ve ever visited Snow Canyon, let me know. I hope all my readers are having an enjoyable summer. ♥

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Hiking Utah- Wind Cave Trail

Wind Cave trail is one of Logan Canyon’s hiking trails. I would call this is a moderate hike. It is a steady incline, but most of the trail is smooth and easy to navigate. It is 2 miles to the summit.

summer 2017 (21)

The entire trail is narrow so we hiked single-file. It’s an ideal trail for practicing good hiking etiquette. Here is what I teach my kids-


1. Be polite to other hikers. My favorite hikers are those who are friendly when crossing my path. They make eye-contact, smile, ask me how it’s going or just say hello. I do the same in return of course and this makes the world a sweeter place.

summer 2017 (38)

2. Be courteous by sharing the path. In this case, other hikers were making their way down as we were making our way up, so one party would stop and step out of way (as much as possible), letting the other party pass by.

summer 2017 (58)

3. Take in the views from the trail. Staying on the trail helps preserve this beautiful world.

summer 2017 (454)

4.  Enjoy the wild flowers and pretty finds along the trail, but leave them alone. My daughter noticed these tiny white shells scattered throughout this trail.

summer 2017 (455)

This is not etiquette, but it’s always smart to wear sunscreen and a hat. You might consider bug spray as well.


Here is the wind cave. It’s approximately 1,000 feet above the highway.


It did make me nervous watching some of the young children as it was a steep drop off at the edge which slopes downward. Even we were sliding a bit as we explored the inside.


I would not recommend letting kids do this, haha! This is my son, Zach. He has an awesome blog you should check out!


This was a delightful trail with fantastic views. ♥ Have you been hiking this summer? ♥

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Tulip Festival

On Saturday our family visited Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah, for their tulip festival. I was thrilled because we hadn’t been to a tulip festival in years. It was a beautiful day and all the more fun to be there with favorite cousins. Here are a some of my best photos-













♥ Which photo is your favorite? Have you been to a tulip festival? ♥