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Autumn in Northern Utah


It’s autumn time in the country side. I just want to stay outdoors and soak it all in.


Time for faded blue jeans, brown boots and my favorite Robin egg sweater.


Colors abound; Amber waves amid rust, sage, and apricot.


Wet or crunchy leaves mat the ground, lining up along the road in friendly clumps.


Various textures mingle together; They charm my senses and quietly beg me to capture the moment.


I roam my backyard, ever so gratified with my Creator’s orchestration.


It couldn’t be more perfect, I muse; The natural harmony overwhelms me.


I am deeply, utterly, passionately… content!


I think when I return home from my autumn exploration, I’ll curl up on my deck with the cat and a classic book!

♥ Last week while my son was away at a youth conference, and after I had recovered from a rather traumatic root canal (I had to see a specialist because my tooth’s roots were curvy), there was this glorious autumn day beckoning me to “come out and play”.  With no hesitation, I abandoned all housework, tossed my camera bag (tripod and all), into my car, and drove aimlessly around the back streets of my home town. I stopped here and there and every-which-where. I took spontaneous photos of any and everything that delighted me. Which is your favorite? Thanks for reading and visiting my blog. Happy October! ♥

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Sunset Wanderings in My Backyard


One of my favorite things to do in the country is to take a sunset stroll.


This evening, my daughter meandered with me. We wonder how long this machinery has been resting on this spot?


As we ambled along, we babbled about any and everything that popped into our noggins.


Even weeds can be delightful on a country lane in the gloaming.


As we moseyed back to our homestead, I counted my blessings. I am thankful to be country girl.

♥ Do you ever roam around your neighborhood at the close of day? What sights do you see? ♥

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Horse Pulls

Last week was our little town’s Black & White Days, so named for the Holstein cattle shows dating back to 1912. Apparently, this is the “longest running Holstein cattle show west of the Mississippi”.

Giving the horses some exercise before competition.
The sled itself weighs 2,000 lbs.

I didn’t take any photos of the Holstein. Tuesday-Friday held various cattle shows and other judging for 4-H and FFA. The kids and I checked things out in the middle of the week, catching a glimpse of a cattle show on our way to the youth council’s hamburger stand.

Adding 500 lb. barrels.
Bringing the horses around to hook them.

Saturday held a full day of events, beginning with a chuck wagon breakfast. There was a fun run, highland games, and several food vendors selling typical fair food- fry bread, corn dogs, deep fried Oreos, caramel corn, and elk burgers? The day wrapped up with a parade, followed by the most popular event, the horse pulls.


Bringing his horses to a stop, having made the pull.

Aren’t these draft horses beautiful? There were three competitions: light-weight, medium-weight and heavy-weight. There was usually eight competitors per competition.

My lovely daughters.
This team did not want to hook!

Competitors came from neighboring states and of course, our own town. In years past, we’ve had competitors from Canada as well.

♥ Have you ever watched a horse pull? Does your town have any annual celebrations? I’d love to hear about it! ♥