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Our Favorite Christmas Storybooks

We have a tradition of reading one Christmas story each night leading up to Christmas Eve (when we read the Christmas Story out of the scriptures). I thought I’d share the storybooks we cherish the most at this time of year, the ones that remind us of the true spirit and meaning of Christmas:


The Light of Christmas, by Richard Paul Evans. A young boy discovers that the truest gifts come from selfless acts of kindness.


The Miracle Maker, by Ann Acton. A little town learns how one person can make a difference just by believing


Our beloved prophet, Thomas S. Monson, shares a childhood story, when he learned that giving is sweeter than receiving. The Christmas Train, by Thomas S. Monson.


This is also a true story. It’s the sweet story of the candy bomber. This story is read by Tom Brokaw on a DVD.


A lovely story where a Primary class focuses on the spirit of Christmas together. The Mismatched Nativity, by Merrilee Boyack.


If you’ve ever wondered what might have happened with the three gifts given to baby Jesus by the Magi, than this story is for you! The Three Gifts, by Patricia Cook Orr.


God Bless Us Every One is the story of how A Christmas Carol came to be written. This book is lovely because it comes with a DVD featuring The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.


Christmas Oranges is the story of an orphan girl who receives the sweet gift of friendship at Christmas. This book is retold by Linda Bethers.


I love this book because it’s one of my favorite Christmas carols: Good King Wenceslas. This includes a DVD of Jane Seymour narrating along with The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.


This is the story that has been with us since the beginning of our tradition. It’s the heartwarming story of a young couple who each sacrifices for the other at Christmas. The Gift of the Magi, by O. Henry.

♥ We have finally received lasting snow here in Utah this winter! I’ll try to post some photos in an upcoming post. Thanks for reading, and feel free to share a few of your favorite Christmas storybooks. ♥

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Our Favorite Read-alouds in Our Homeschool (Children’s Series)

Welcome to part three of my series of read-alouds we have enjoyed in our homeschool. Today I’m sharing children’s series. There are other series which my kids enjoy on their own, but these are the ones we have read together…


Marcus was obsessed with The Magic School Bus for most of his elementary years. He loves science. Besides reading the Scholastic books, we watched as many episodes of the science series as we could.


The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart is a wonderful series about four very talented and bright children who make up a team of young agents! Each adventure is exciting and full of unexpected plot twists.


The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. One of the best children’s series ever in my opinion! Marcus gets to reread The Magician’s Nephew this year with his online English class which focuses on themes and symbols.


Nightmares by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller is a newer series we have discovered and really like. Check it out if you haven’t already.


Marcus and I both treasure this series! The Guardians of Childhood features famous legends St. Nicholas, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Sandman, and Jack Frost. The delightful movie Rise of the Guardians was based off this series.

♥ Have you read any of these series with your kids? What is your favorite children’s book series? Thanks for reading! ♥

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Our Favorite Read-alouds in Our Homeschool (Childhood Favorites)

My absolute favorite part of homeschooling is our read-aloud time. This will be five part series covering our childhood favorites; classics; children’s book series; surprising books; and newer discoveries.

Today I asked each of my kids to list five of their favorite childhood books “off the top of their heads” as the saying goes. Here are their picks-

Zach’s childhood favorites



I think all of my kids have enjoyed the Magic Treehouse series.




The Hobbit has been read many times in our house!


Darcie’s childhood favorites


Darcie says The Phantom Tollbooth is her all-time favorite.



Darcie read Matilda aloud to her younger brother once and I thought that was really sweet.


Midnight Magic


Marissa’s childhood favorites


Marissa says Wacky Wednesday is her top favorite Dr. Seuss book.





To this day, both of my girls like Nancy Drew books. Darcie took over my eighties collection and adds to it when she shops used book sales. Marissa continues to collect the classics. I even have a few older editions my sister thoughtfully gave me one Christmas.


Marcus’ childhood favorites


Marcus has a tiger stuffy which looks like Hobbes and he used to reenact parts of these comics. For example, once he stood at the top of the stairs and announced he would be racing Hobbes down. And then he threw Hobbes to the bottom and promptly accused him of cheating! Marcus used to request that I read several of these comics to him at bedtime.


Farm Flu is an adorable rhyming story about a farm full of sick animals! We met the author once and she truly loves children. She has written other books, but my personal favorite is The Ring of Truth: An Original Irish Tale. Find a list of Teresa Bateman’s storybooks here.


When we first started homeschooling, we lived in Canada so it was easy to find all of Robert Munsch’s wonderful storybooks at the library. Marcus is not sure he can really pick a favorite! By the way, the Robert Munsch site is a lot of fun so check it out!


This just represents the Geronimo Stilton series. I remember reading a few to Marcus at his bedtime.


Who isn’t a Dr. Seuss fan? I once hoped this particular book would convince picky-eater Marcus to try eggs, but alas! I even made him green eggs and ham once for St. Patrick’s Day. He wouldn’t touch them.


My childhood favorites


I’ve always liked teddy bears so Corduroy just makes me happy!


The Tale of Ginger & Pickles was my all-time favorite Beatrix Potter story and I still have my well-loved copy in my cedar chest. My Grandma Joyce gave it to me when I was a young girl.


This was my favorite Dr. Seuss book when I was growing up. What an imagination!


I discovered this charming story as a teenager when I took a child development class in high school. I even colored a flip-picture version for my babysitting kit. The Biggest Pumpkin Ever, by Steven Kroll.


Pollyanna, by Eleanor Porter, is a story I’ve always loved. I don’t know what happened to my childhood copy, but I’ve just ordered another from Amazon.

♥ Are any of these books in your home library? What was a treasured book from your childhood? ♥