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One of a Million

This is an insightful message from my son. He is my hero.

Yo-yoing With Zed


Quite recently there was news that a study had revealed there to be more than twice as many people living with MS than previously thought ( My dad was the one who first sent me a link to a news article talking about it and soon the news was popping up in my social media feeds, and I found myself reading through a few of the comments. One of the most common was the simple phrase- “I’m one of a million.”

Now most of my life I have heard the term “one in a million” in regards to being special, unique and rare and I’ve thrown the term out loosely when talking with friends without ever really thinking about it. Which definitely means I had never thought of being one in a million. And suddenly I find myself being not just 1 in around 400,000, but one…

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Two Blog Nominations

I am honored to have recently received two nominations for blog awards. Today I will focus on the first nomination for the Blogger Recognition Award. This award was passed on to me by Kristi at Savvy Schooling who has a lovely blog you should check out!


I started Camie’s Cozy Corner as a continuation of my first WordPress blog, Happy Heart’s Homeschool. I wanted a name change, a new look, and a fresh start with my photo storage, haha. I’ve continued sharing my homeschool experiences, my travel, my faith, have added more of my photography, family-friendly movie reviews, and a little of my heart. I started blogging as a way to reach out to other homeschooling moms, to give them my encouragement and support. Besides making new homeschool friends, I’ve also “met” some talented cooks, gardeners, photographers, writers and crafters. And I want to thank my loyal readers for their support! It’s appreciated more than you know.

If I could offer new bloggers some advice it would be…

First, be true to yourself and let your blog reflect you. Be authentic. There is no one else like you so use that to make your blog one of a kind. Write in your own style. Write your own mind and your own heart. The blogs I admire most have this special touch, something that is uniquely theirs. It shines through and draws me in.

Second, the more you take an interest in other blogs, the more your blog will generate interest from others. If you read a post that speaks to you, take the time to leave a comment so the writer knows. Bloggers appreciate that and will often reciprocate. This is what I love most about the blogging community. They are very supportive of each other.

If you are one of my nominees, here are the steps to follow should you accept your nomination:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Write a post to show your award.
  3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  5. Select (up to 15) other bloggers for this award.
  6. Comment on each blog to let them know you nominated them and provide a link to the post you created.

I nominate the following blogs/bloggers:

Shelli at Mama of Letters has an encouraging and supportive blog for homeschoolers.

Kirby at Kirby’s Korner Blog shares recipes, meal plans, inspiration, writes about her family’s homeschooling and her square dancing!

Lynn at a poem in my pocket posts delightful poetry that will make you smile.

It’s Going to Take a Year is an honest blog with thoughtful posts.

Barnraised is my favorite horse, barn and cowboy boots kind of blog.

♥ Congrats to these five nominees and stay tuned for my second blog award with further nominations. ♥

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Have you ever appreciated something seemingly ordinary in your life with this kind of introspection? This is what I love about this young man’s blog. I think you might enjoy reading his insights too.

Yo-yoing With Zed


I love music.

I was driving home with my younger brother tonight and we got talking about music. One of those “real” conversations. Those type are my favorites. They’re the conversations that I live for. He asked about a CD I had playing in the car- one of the earlier Rise Against albums– and I asked if he liked it and he told me that it was alright but it was a little much for him. This lead into a bit of rambling conversation on my end. Perhaps conversation is strong… it was more one sided. I just rambled. But the rambling really got me thinking. Got me talking, which was, in this case, more important that just thinking.

You see, over the last two months I have done a lot of thinking. Some action. I moved. Got away from the jobs and from school. Decided I needed a…

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