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Idaho Prairie Houses


We took a drive into Idaho yesterday and came across these two relics. 🙂


We were able to get out and walk through an open gate, onto the tall prairie grass for a close up look at each one.


As I put this post together, I watched the opening ceremonies for the winter Olympics. I thought it was a spectacular, touching show. Who else will be watching these Olympics? Who else loves the figure skating?


This one has definitely seen better days!


Hello, Marcus! As he looked in one side, and I looked in the other, we could see the remnants of a stove and a metal bed frame.


It was Zach’s birthday this week. He shares my love for nature and photography. On this day he was outside with his camera. And a cane. It’s been nearly two years since he was diagnosed with MS, in his early twenties. He’s just experienced his third relapse which has affected his walking and balance. I admire him so much for his inner strength and his positive attitude. He reminds me to find joy in every single day.

♥ I wish all of my readers a joy filled week ahead. Thanks for stopping by. If you’re watching the Olympics with me, comment below on your favorite winter sport. ♥

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Winter Reflections


We finally got more snow here in northern Utah. Yay! Such a crazy winter. This is one of my back deck views.


My oldest son, Zach, and I went for a scenic drive recently, and stopped at the Pass of the Standing Rock. According to a placard, this rock is 100 feet tall and 75 feet wide. It weighs several thousand tons.


Pioneer settlers named other rock formations in the area. My favorite names they chose are: Peek a Boo, Three Bars of Soap, and Johnny Jump Off.


Twilight cremes edge pale blue sky; Frosted pine trees stretched up high.

‘Tis the beginning of wintertide.

Powder crunches beneath booted feet; Roof tops coated in white sheets.

Chilled air nibbles nose and ears; My house is crying crystal tears.

‘Tis the show of wintertide.

Romping outings in the snow; Hearthside cozy and aglow.

Melted chocolate, snowflake mugs; Read alouds with cuddle-hugs.

Tis the joy of wintertide.

It’s 6pm, pitch black outside; Jack Frost’s antics never hide.

This is how the days pass by until the end of Wintertide.

~Camie & Darcie Madsen

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Foggy Winter Days


We are in the middle of a foggy winter inversion here in Utah. The foggy, frosty build up creates this lovely scene, but our air quality is not good.


This was my backyard view Sunday morning.


It’s always fun to spot deer in our neighborhood.


Just a few minutes later and do you see the difference? We drove up the neighborhood canyon where the air cleared. This was in the evening.


See that misty sea out there? That’s our town!


I mean, it’s under there somewhere.


Back in town, we visited the cemetery.


So, this is what winter looks like for us, thus far. No snow in the weekly forecast and no windstorm to blow away this fog. Yet. Today’s high was 29 degrees. Low: 16. Brrrr!

♥ What does your winter look and feel like at the moment? ♥


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Sunset Wanderings in My Backyard


One of my favorite things to do in the country is to take a sunset stroll.


This evening, my daughter meandered with me. We wonder how long this machinery has been resting on this spot?


As we ambled along, we babbled about any and everything that popped into our noggins.


Even weeds can be delightful on a country lane in the gloaming.


As we moseyed back to our homestead, I counted my blessings. I am thankful to be country girl.

♥ Do you ever roam around your neighborhood at the close of day? What sights do you see? ♥

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Horse Pulls

Last week was our little town’s Black & White Days, so named for the Holstein cattle shows dating back to 1912. Apparently, this is the “longest running Holstein cattle show west of the Mississippi”.

Giving the horses some exercise before competition.
The sled itself weighs 2,000 lbs.

I didn’t take any photos of the Holstein. Tuesday-Friday held various cattle shows and other judging for 4-H and FFA. The kids and I checked things out in the middle of the week, catching a glimpse of a cattle show on our way to the youth council’s hamburger stand.

Adding 500 lb. barrels.
Bringing the horses around to hook them.

Saturday held a full day of events, beginning with a chuck wagon breakfast. There was a fun run, highland games, and several food vendors selling typical fair food- fry bread, corn dogs, deep fried Oreos, caramel corn, and elk burgers? The day wrapped up with a parade, followed by the most popular event, the horse pulls.


Bringing his horses to a stop, having made the pull.

Aren’t these draft horses beautiful? There were three competitions: light-weight, medium-weight and heavy-weight. There was usually eight competitors per competition.

My lovely daughters.
This team did not want to hook!

Competitors came from neighboring states and of course, our own town. In years past, we’ve had competitors from Canada as well.

♥ Have you ever watched a horse pull? Does your town have any annual celebrations? I’d love to hear about it! ♥

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Hello May!


Happy May to my readers. Here are more photos from the tulip festival.





“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the mind.”

-Luther Burbank

“I love spring anywhere but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden.”

-Ruth Stout


“A garden to walk in and immensity to dream in–what more could he ask? A few flowers at his feet and above him the stars.”

-Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

DSC03772 (2)



I’m continuing my 100 day walk challenge (to walk 1 mile per day). May 1st marks day 27 and so far I have logged 32 miles. ♥ This homeschool year is still going strong. We’re in the middle of an early state history unit which includes an awesome timeline. ♥ I’m looking forward to the end of this month when my two boys and I will take a week long history trip to New York City, Philadelphia and Boston. We watched National Treasure last night and that made me excited to see things such as the Liberty Bell. ♥ How about you? Any fun plans for May?

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Light of the World Garden (at Thanksgiving Point)

Within Ashton gardens at Thanksgiving Point, where we visited their tulip festival, is a breathtaking area of sculptures depicting scenes from the mortal ministry of our Savior, Jesus Christ. It’s called, The Light of the World Garden.

It was really crowded as it was a Saturday, and I felt rushed taking my photos with so many visitors pressing in, but I want to share these with you-

DSC03611 (2)
It Is I, Be Not Afraid  Matthew 14:22-27
DSC03713 (2)
I Give You Living Water  John 4:4-42
Be Thou Clean  Matthew 8:1-4
DSC03701 (2)
Master Say On  Luke 7:36-50
DSC03697 (2)
Someone Hath Touched Me  Luke 8:43-48
DSC03680 (2)
O My Father  Matthew 14:23
DSC03671 (2)
One Thing Is Needful  Luke 10:38-42
DSC03670 (2)
His Gathering  Luke 13:34
DSC03658 (2)
Let He That Is Without Sin  John 8:1-11

DSC03651 (2)

DSC03654 (2)
Lazarus, Come Forth  John 11:1-44
DSC03648 (2)
Gethsemane  Luke 22:39-53
DSC03640 (2)
Because of Love  Mark 15 and John 12:23-50
Mary    John 20:11-18
DSC03632 (2)
Reach In Faith  John 20:24-31
My young nephew, gazing at Christ’s nail prints.

This last scene is special to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, because it depicts Joseph Smith’s First Vision.

DSC03619 (2)
This Is My Beloved Son  Joseph Smith History 1:17

♥ You really have to be there in person to fully appreciate these beautiful works of art by Angela Johnson, but hopefully these photos give you a taste. Let me know which is your favorite. ♥