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Kid Craft- Hobbit Doors

This week, in honor of Tolkien Reading Day, which was March 25th, my SURF Club girls designed hobbit doors.

For this craft I supplied:

  • cake boards (these were donated to me, but they can be found in hobby stores in the baking section)
  • markers
  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue sticks
  • embellishments, such as buttons, sequins, die cuts, etc. (optional)

When I craft with my girls, I give them a theme and the supplies and maybe an instruction or idea, but otherwise I let them freely create as their hearts desire. Of course, I do have to put a limit on the embellishments because some of my cute girls would use up all my craft supplies in one go if I let them!

For this craft, most of my girls started by coloring the white side of their cake boards with markers. After that, some cut construction paper to look like bricks, stones, and the doorknob.

I just have to show off my daughter’s hobbit doors. She decorated each side of her cake board.

♥ Are you ready for April? We’ve had a lot of rain and snow showers here in Utah lately. I’m hoping there are some drier days next week so I can get outside and weed my flower beds. My crocuses are popping out of the ground and I’m excited for blossoms to appear on my trees. ♥


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The Great Ladybug Challenge

I am so excited to participate in this fun and unique challenge/exhibition! This challenge was inspired by Our Little Red House (Check out her beautiful ladybug beanbags!) and begun by Kathy’s Crafts and things, who painted the cutest ladybug rock.

I’d like to thank for nominating me. She made a wonderful ladybug pin cushion I adore! Actually, she nominated me and my craft girls, also know as the SURF Club (Sweet, Unique, aRtsy Friends). These are several of my neighbor girls, ranging in ages from 3-16, and we meet up in my Crafting Cove (my beach themed craft room) and make all kinds of creations together, from lollipops to nature journals to penguins, and now, ladybugs!

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the person/s who tagged you and create a link to their blog.
  2. Use “THE GREAT LADYBUG CHALLENGE!!!” logo banner on your post and copy and paste the rules on your post.
  3. Add a picture of your ladybug creation/s and maybe a how-to of how you did it and the supplies used.
  4. Create a link to Our Little Red House blog, so people can be inspired by her beautiful ladybugs! And check out her blog, she makes really neat projects!
  5. Tag 1 – 5 people that you think would be interested in making ladybugs and create links to their blogs.
  6. Notify your tagged people that you’ve tagged them through social media or in the comments on their blogs.
  7. This is a wide open ladybug making exercise! You can make them however way you want, it’s not limited to sewing them. Use whatever is your favorite crafting materials to make them. And you can even write poems or stories about ladybugs or paint pictures of them. Or make cards featuring ladybugs. Or you could even make ladybug cupcakes or cookies! Use whatever creative medium you are comfortable with!
  8. There is no time limit! Ladybug making should be relaxing, not stressful!
  9. Even if you weren’t tagged, feel free to participate in making ladybugs! Tag others and create links to their blogs so people can follow the links to see the ladybugs!


My SURF Club made a multitude of ladybugs from a variety of materials. This first group was made from tiles. I was at Lowe’s one day with my husband and scored on a sheet of tiles on clearance for less than $1.50. I knew I could make good use of them.

DSC04971 (2)
One of these ladybirds is mine.

DSC05004 (2)

Sammie's Ladybug

For this project the girls used the following supplies:

  • White diamond tiles
  • Small black diamond tiles (these came with the white tiles)
  • Paint and paint brushes
  • Craft glue
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Small googly eyes
  • Other embellishments such as small buttons, pearl gems, black twine, black chenille stems, glitter, etc.
  • Magnet buttons (We hot-glued these on the underside so they could be ladybird magnets).
  • Scissors

This second group of ladybugs was made from egg carton cups:

DSC05057 (2)
Egg carton, paint, pom poms, tiny buttons, small googly eyes, stick on gems, black chenille stems

And then we have some one-of-a-kind ladybugs:

These ladybirds were made from bottle lids, an egg carton flat, a ladybug inspired key, little jars, and a sea shell. Pretty imaginative if you ask me!

Two of my girls designed homes for their ladybugs:

This home was made from an empty lemon juice container.
This adorable bug house was made from an empty cocoa container and half a t.p. roll.

And last, but not least, I found a ladybug coloring page online which some of my girls colored:


And there you have it! This was a really fun craft for my girls and they were excited to take part of this challenge. I hope some of my readers will also take part.

My nominations:

  •  Becky at Gazelle Sentiments. Becky makes the most amazing cards! Maybe she will delight us with a ladybug card.
  •  Patty at WhimziVille. Patty has the most creative ways of repurposing and upcycling.
  •  You! If you’d like to take part in this challenge, please do! We’d love to see more ladybugs, of all kinds!

♥ Thanks for stopping by! I hope your week is going great. ♥

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Welcome Spring Crafts (Flowers in Pots, Butterflies & Cards)

My SURF Club girls welcomed spring in this week with two crafts and some watercolor artwork. S.U.R.F. stands for Sweet, Unique, aRtsy Friends. This is a group of some of my neighbor girls who join me for crafting fun every week. They range in ages from 3 to 17.

Aren’t these flowers darling?


For this craft I supplied the girls with the following:

  • pre-cut paper flowers, printed on cardstock
  • markers
  • green chenille stems (I happened to have four different greens)
  • flat wood craft sticks (optional)
  • little flower pots/cups (from the Dollar Tree)
  • river rocks
  • moss
  • scotch tape

I tried to find these flowers online, but I had no luck. I already had them on hand from an Easter printout I used at church years ago. Notice how the faces of the flowers are pentagon shaped. That allows for the petals to be folded in or out.


First the girls colored their flowers. Then they created their stems. There were two different ways the girls created the flower stems. One was by winding green chenille stems around a craft stick, which gives a thicker, fuzzier stem that is unbending. I told the girls to leave a little space at the top of the stick to attach the flower, using scotch tape or a drop of glue. The other way was to wind a chenille stem around a pencil or marker to create a coiled stem (see photo above). The flowers were then “planted” into the cup/pot using river rocks and moss and scotch tape to secure them.

For the butterfly craft I supplied:

  • butterfly die cuts (bought from Michael’s and other craft stores)
  • pom poms in a variety of colors and sizes
  • craft glue
  •  markers (some of my girls used watercolor paints instead)
  • embellishments such as stickers and confetti
  • scrapbook paper (optional)
  • craft punches (optional)

I had two different butterfly die cuts because I had some prior, bought years ago (the one on the right with the antennas), and knowing I would run out, I found the other shape (on the left) from Michael’s. For each butterfly I had the girls start by gluing pom poms down the middle for the head and “body” (I think it’s officially called an abdomen if you want to get scientific). I had tiny pom poms for the butterfly pictured left since that particular die cut featured a skinny middle. Then the girls decorated the wings any way they wanted. Some of the girls glued their butterflies onto scrapbook paper for a background.

My girls love to make cards so they each created a spring scene on the front of blank cards, using watercolor paints.

For this project, I supplied the girls with the following:

  • plain white cards with envelopes (from any craft store; I got these in a box of 50 from Walmart’s craft section)
  • watercolor paints and paint brushes
  • water in little cups
  • green construction paper, scissors, and glue sticks (for grass; optional)
  • spring stickers
  • markers/colored pencils


Many of the girls started out by painting pretty blue skies on the front of their cards. For some of the younger girls, I had pre-cut strips of green construction paper, the length of their cards, and showed them how to use their scissors to cut into it without going all the way through (I hope that makes sense!) to create grass. Then the girls added stickers and their own artwork to finish their spring scenes.


♥ Thank you for visiting my blog today! I hope you’re seeing signs of spring where you live and that it inspires you to create something and get outside in nature. If you make these crafts with your kids, I’d love to hear about it. AND stay tuned for the SURF club’s ladybug craft reveal which is part of The Great Ladybug Challenge. I hope all of my creative readers will join in! Check it out and let’s keep the fun going. Bloggers may create ladybugs any way they wish, through art, photography, crafting, etc. Anyone is welcome to participate. Until then, I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. ♥

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Valentine Kid Craft Party

Greetings from ice cold Montana! As I type this, it is -1 outside. Brrr! I’m here for five weeks visiting my husband who currently works here. Marcus is here, too, and we are especially thankful at this time for the freedoms and blessings of homeschooling. 🙂 It’s so nice not to have to get permission (or penalized) from a school to be together as a family.

This heart craft was just for the older girls. I felt they needed an additional craft.

I couldn’t leave before giving my sweet craft girls a Valentine’s party. 19 of my 23 girls participated. I pulled it off with the help of my oldest daughter, Darcie, and the oldest of my craft girls, Sammie. Thanks, Sammie!


My girls made Valentine unicorns, heart shaped bird feeders, Jolly Rancher lollipops, old fashioned Valentine cards, and paper plate hearts. Most of these ideas came from Pinterest. What would we do without Pinterest?


I did a lot of prep work for this party because organization is key! I pre-cut and hole-punched paper plates; Darcie crushed up Jolly Rancher candies, by color/flavor; I cut foam shapes for the unicorns; we set up each craft station with the necessary supplies.


For these old fashioned Valentine cards, I provided the following materials:

  • Heart shaped doilies in three sizes (these are inexpensive and come in a package of 20-24 from craft and dollar stores)
  • Glue sticks
  • Heart stickers
  • Markers
  • Pink cardstock

In the past I divided my craft girls into smaller groups (randomly) and they moved from craft to craft that way, but this time I let the girls move freely and the only stipulation was that there could be no more than five girls at a craft station at a time. This worked beautifully! We also provided a play space with games and coloring pages.

Excuse some of my blurry photos! I have to be a quick photographer at these craft parties.

I kept the girls organized by providing each with a gift bag to hold their creations. As soon as a craft was finished, it was placed inside the owner’s bag before she moved onto another craft. When moms came to pick their daughters up, these bags were ready to go.


Darcie had the idea to give each girl a stamp, either on their wrist or a card, to show they had completed a craft AND cleaned up after themselves. Once each girl had all five to six stamps (one craft was only for the older girls), she could show it to Darcie for a Rice Krispy treat. The girls thought the stamps were fun, and they really did help to keep the craft flow going.

Sammie headed up a surprise for me, a giant Valentine’s Day card which all the girls signed. Awww! 🙂

♥ This was a three hour party. We served the girls pizza (with grapes, carrots, olives, and pink lemonade) before we started crafting. When one of the moms came to pick her daughter up, she asked me why I do this and how I got started. I told her I’ve always been a crafty mom and when I moved there I became friends with one of the moms of four of my craft girls and I started inviting all of her kids over to make crafts at my kitchen table. Then, one December, my daughters and I decided it would be fun to host a Christmas craft party for my friend’s girls, and a couple of neighbor girls we knew. It was so much fun for us that we started hosting more seasonal/holiday craft parties and invited more little neighbor girls to join in the fun. And here we are, 23 girls later with a craft room and a craft club that meets regularly. ♥

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National Puzzle Day Crafts


January 29th was/is national puzzle day so my SURF Club girls crafted with puzzle pieces. First they made bookmarks.


For these bookmarks the girls used the following supplies:

  • Craft sticks
  • Craft glue
  • Puzzle pieces
  • String
  • Embellishments (mini pom poms, gems; these are optional)
  • Markers


The second craft they made were puzzle characters. I gave them bigger puzzle pieces for these. Other supplies were:

  • Google eyes
  • Feathers
  • Mini pom poms
  • Markers
  • Craft glue


And then the girls made cards or pictures.


♥  If you’d like another idea for a puzzle craft that is perfect for Valentine’s Day, check out these washi tape puzzles from WhimziVille. I just love them! And, speaking of Valentine’s Day, I’m hosting a Valentine party for my craft girls this Saturday. And then, on Sunday, Marcus and I are driving to Montana to be with my husband for five weeks. I am so excited! My husband works out of state right now so we’ve been spending more time apart than together and I miss him terribly. Now that Marcus has his driver’s license (we were sticking around here for him to finish his instructor drives) and my January craft days have finished up, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the flexibility and freedom that comes with homeschooling. Hooray for home education! ♥

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National Winnie the Pooh Day Crafts

Last Friday was National Winnie the Pooh Day (January 18th) so the girls in my SURF Club (Sweet, Unique, aRtsy Friends) made honey pot bracelets and Hundred Acre Wood dioramas.

I thought this bracelet was especially fun because she chose to add bits of ribbon and twine.

I borrowed the idea for the bracelets from my Sister’s suitcase (so I won’t post instructions here, but I will say that we added pony beads and chose a different kind of beading cord which was less stretchy, but much easier to knot).


I also thought it would be fun for the girls to create a diorama of the Hundred Acre Woods.

For this craft I gathered the following supplies:

  • Food boxes (these are the ones you carry your hotdog or nachos in from the gas station; I got them in bulk from Hobby Lobby)
  • Clip art from, which I resized to a smaller scale to fit the boxes
  • Markers
  • Colored paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks, craft glue, and scotch tape
  • Cotton balls (for clouds)
  • String or craft thread (optional; for hanging clouds)
  • Hole punch (optional; one way to hang the clouds)


One group of girls came up with the idea to have me cut slits (I used a craft knife) across the bottom of their boxes. Then they attached popsicle sticks (one girl asked for a pencil so I gave her a dowel) to their Winnie the Pooh characters and now they have a little play scene. I thought this was a very clever idea.

Two moms provided the snacks and they took the theme to heart. I think some of these ideas came from Pinterest. There were Hundred Acre Wood acorns (or haycorns as Piglet calls them) made of Hershey Kisses and mini cookies (frosted together), Bit o Honey candy, Tigger tails (Cheetos), and baby carrots from Rabbit’s garden. One of the girls made cute little signs out of popsicle sticks.

Another mom provided cornbread with honey and berry smoothies. Yum!

♥ Did you celebrate Winnie the Pooh day? Of course, any day is a good day for Winnie the Pooh. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend. ♥

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National Hat Day Crafts

This was such a fun themed craft! To celebrate national hat day with my little SURF Club girls, I thought it’d be fun to go with an Alice in Wonderland theme. After all, who knows hats better than the Mad Hatter?

My friend, Heather, made these darling teacup cupcakes.
I pulled out my favorite table cloth and my Grandma’s party crystal.
teacup cupcakes
These are my teacup cupcake attempts and my Alice in Wonderland tea set.

To set the mood, the girls first enjoyed a tea party. I think the Mad Hatter and Alice would have approved. 🙂

For this craft I thought it’d be fun for each girl to make a Mad Hatter-inspired hat and a princess crown, which was inspired from the queens in Alice in Wonderland (the movie version with Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway).

For the Mad Hatter-inspired hats, I provided the following supplies:

  • Mini seed planter pots (from Dollar Tree)
  • Pre-cut poster board circles; dessert plate size, for the hat rim
  • Pre-cut poster board circles, for the hat top (smaller than the rim)
  • Paint and paint brushes
  • Ribbon and fabric scraps
  • Gemstones
  • Feathers, pom poms, buttons, and other embellishments
  • Craft glue, hot glue guns, and glue sticks (use low temp glue guns and supervise)
  • Alligator clips (so the girls could wear their hats if so desired)

For the princess crowns I supplied the following:

  • White paper party cups (from Dollar Tree); I pre-cut the bottom out with a hobby knife and shaped the top to resemble a dainty crown
  • Paint and paint brushes
  • Gold glitter
  • Craft glue, hot glue guns, and glue sticks (use low temp and supervise)
  • Heart and star stickers
  • Gemstones and other embellishments
  • Alligator clips (so the girls could wear them)

I’m always delighted by the girls’ creativity when we craft. One girl turned her hat into a pencil holder, taking advantage of the water holes in the planter pot. And as a last bit of fun, the girls posed for pictures wearing their hats.

It’s been a winter wonderland here this month. These crafts brighten my mid-winter days.

♥ If you ever make mini hats at your house be sure to let me know! Thanks for stopping by and I hope the rest of your week is fantastic. If you’re in a snowy winter as we are, stay warm and drive safe. ♥