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5 Things We Wish Our Friends and Family Would Accept About Our Choice to Homeschool

We began our homeschooling journey eight years ago, and you can read our story here if you’d like. We were the first and continue to be the only family who homeschools within our circles of immediate-extended family (on both sides) and our family-friends. And you know what? Before we started homeschooling, our parenting choices were never, ever questioned, but as soon as we made the choice to homeschool… Gasp! I kid you not when I say that for eight years now, our homeschooling has been a running hot topic, and not in a we’ve-warmed-up-to-it sort of way! Here is a short and sweet list of things we wish our dear ones would simply accept about our choice to homeschool (even if they never approve)-


1. We are not homeschooling to make other parents feel uncomfortable or question their own parenting choices. Honest! Consider this: Wouldn’t the world be a boring place if we all marched to the exact same beat? We’re following our own hearts and beliefs on this one.


2. We believe homeschooling is a superior choice for our children. We don’t even pretend to know what is best for anyone else’s children. However, when we make comparisons of homeschooling verses public schooling, they are ours to make based on our personal values and experiences with both. For our family, homeschooling offers tremendous advantages and benefits that public schooling can’t even touch. We especially love the freedom it gives us.


3. When others share “homeschool failure stories” with us, we’re not sure what point they are trying to make. What does another family’s homeschooling have to do with us anyway? Whether public schooling, private schooling or homeschooling, each and every family is unique, with their own quirks, strengths and weaknesses. I just want to point out that there are also weird, shy, socially-backwards, (fill in the blank) kids in public school! We even know some of them.


4. Our homeschooling takes a LOT of parent dedication, time, effort and heart. No matter what our dear ones think about homeschooling in general, I wish they would at least recognize all the hours I spend planning, organizing, and implementing lessons, activities, unit studies, and so much more. I wish they would see how much of my heart goes into it, and how much joy it gives me. I wish they could see our homeschool days in action because that way they just might realize how natural our homeschooling actually looks and feels.


5. We consider our unconventional, imperfect homeschooling to be a parenting success. We have no regrets for choosing this lifestyle. Homeschooling makes us happy, brings us closer, and gives me more time with my teenager before he’s grown up and leaving home. We’ve graduated two daughters who are each pulling excellent grades at their universities, hold part time jobs, make time for friends, and participate in community and church activities. They’re responsible, functioning adults and to us, that proves our homeschooling has been a huge success.

Hooray for homeschooling!

♥ Thanks so much for reading! If you homeschool, what might you add to this list? ♥


29 thoughts on “5 Things We Wish Our Friends and Family Would Accept About Our Choice to Homeschool

  1. I hear ya. I used to home school. “Why must people have so many opinions about things that are none of their business,” I used to wonder. You gotta do what works. If home schooling is what works, all the power to ya! Keep up the great work.

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  2. I agree! Homeschooling brings the family closer, guards from bad influences, and gives an even better education! Most people don’t like it because they think you don’t get enough social time but between church and different homeschool groups we get plenty.

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      1. Yeah, honestly they can make you feel uncomfortable if you don’t “fit in”. I was at the library with my homeschool group a couple weeks ago and they told us we would have to leave the public teen room in the public library because all the school kids were coming. I was like “I am a school kid too”. 😉 They think we are different and maybe even dumb but it is a better way of living and how God would want us to live. Not that I think it would be that bad if a Christian sent their kids to school.

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  3. There are different ways to get an education…and I’m thankful parents have the freedom to choose what’s best for their children. Let’s respect each other’s choices and be kind! We home-educated our 5 sons, they’re doing well and have each thanked us for choosing to homeschool. It’s worth the effort just to have more family time and flexibility.

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  4. Camie-Thank you for your article. I never was able to home-school my children
    (20+ years ago!). It was in its infancy and yes, there were some awful stories due to the lack of information and home-school groups. Looking back though I wish I would and could have home-schooled. I went through a divorce and did not have the resources.

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    1. Victoria, thank you for your thoughtful comment. I just want you to know you are an amazing mama and I’m sure you were exactly who your children needed when they were growing up. We all do the best we can, don’t we? I didn’t homeschool my first child and he even asked me to. I was scared of the regulations in our state at the time. But he still turned out great. 🙂


  5. When I homeschooled the boys we were in a group so that all the kids could work together & socialize and still I got flack that my sons wouldn’t have social lives. Never mind that they were also in softball, 4H, and ARBA. Then there were the people who thought homeschooling meant 24/7 playtime. They had to hush when my sons were several grades ahead of kids their age who attended public schools. Homeschooling requires dedication, time, and love and if it’s right for you then everyone else should just accept it. I’m proud of you, Camie. I know what it takes!

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    1. Thank you, Elizabeth. It is odd how so many equate homeschooling to complete isolation from the world even when our kids participate in sports, etc. The funniest concern once expressed to me was that I was raising my son in a bubble because we homeschooled. We were living in another country at the time! 😜

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  6. I am a big admirer of any parent who home schools. I have a degree in education and spent some time teaching and know the time and dedication it takes to plan lessons. It would be no different at home. Great job Camie

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  7. Great Post!!! One of the hardest things about homeschooling is tuning out the negativity. It seems like everyone has an opinion on homeschooling and it can be difficult to get others to understand that this choice was made in the best interest of my children and it is what is best for our family. I have lots of family and friends who choose to send their kids to public school and I have not nor would I ever try to tell them that they have made an inferior choice. Yet many of these individuals have chosen to question my choice to homeschool and as a homeschooler we already feel a tremendous weight on our shoulders and would welcome those around us to be more supportive and positive.

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    1. I think it’s sad when at least our friends and family don’t support us no matter what, especially when that is how we treat them. You’re right, a little positivity and support would go a long way. Thanks for your comment!


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