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Titan Missile Museum

Our last family field trip in Arizona, before moving back to our home in Utah (yay!) was our first visit to the Titan Missile Museum. It was fascinating! I’m not going to attempt to explain it too much however, as it’s too technical for me, ha ha. I’m just going to show you some of the pictures that I took while on the tour.

This is where we entered the underground bunker.
Inside the underground bunker.
The launch keys were kept locked up in this cabinet.
This was the control center, where the missile would’ve been launched. (The man in blue was our tour guide.)
This is the missile in the silo. This was our view from inside the bunker (through a window).
This was the missile site.

DSC00391 DSC00386

DSC00371 DSC00381

Butterfly valve and lock
This is the gate where you entered the missile site (if you were cleared to enter).

Wickipedia explains this cold ward missile and site much better than I ever could! There was a little indoor museum and gift shop and the only way to see the bunker is by taking the tour. After the tour of the bunker, we were free to explore the site itself. There was a viewing area where we could look down at the missile.


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