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3 Surprising Ways Homeschooling Has Blessed Me as a Mom

We often hear how homeschooling benefits the child, as well as improving the quality of family life and family relationships.

But did you know that homeschooling can benefit the parent who is directly involved in the homeschooling process? That is how it has been for me ever since I embarked on this journey seven-plus years ago. While I could make a lengthy list of ways homeschooling has blessed me as a mom, today I wish to focus on three blessings I did not anticipate. So, without further ado…


#1. Homeschooling has given me opportunities to truly be apart of my children’s passions. In public school, my son’s obsession with science and my daughter’s flair for art would only be scratched on the surface. Our relaxed homeschooling days provided unrestricted time and freedom for my daughter to create her own inspired artwork and for my son to conduct his own science experiments (with parental supervision of course). There was time to thoroughly study the lives and historical periods of famous artists and their masterpieces, scientists and their inventions. I have been front and center as I’ve witness each child embrace their natural curiosities and discover new talents. This type of learning has become a part of their hearts and minds. It’s truly beautiful to witness that kind of meaningful growth in my children.


#2. Homeschooling has reconnected me with classic literature. I love to read, but daily life often gets in the way of good intentions and there are always newer novels competing with the classics. Homeschooling to the rescue! I wanted my son and daughter to know more classics than I did when I was in school, and there’s something magical about reading a classic together with your children. Some of the classics we’ve enjoyed are: The Secret Garden, Little Women, Swiss Family Robinson, Treasure Island, Around the World in 80 Days and The Hobbit, just to name a few.

Last week my son and I created these original art pieces.

#3. Homeschooling has brought out my creative side. In a homeschooling frame of mind, I have rediscovered classical music and poetry, two things I would’ve otherwise only thought to share with my children on special occasions. Our study units led me to creative ways to bring multiple subjects together. For example, while reading, The Hobbit, we ended up composing our own riddles and creating foil art. I think it’s been great for my children to see me try my hand at creating art alongside them. I just know I never had this much fun when I was in school and there’s something so rewarding about using my own hands and mind to create something original and unique.

♥ I’m extremely thankful to homeschooling for giving me these blessings! If you homeschool your children, what surprising blessings have you discovered? ♥


15 thoughts on “3 Surprising Ways Homeschooling Has Blessed Me as a Mom

  1. I’m with you Camie on this. Love your post. Awesome art work. Blessings for me have been – My husband works from home too. We have lots of family time and adventures. Thanks for sharing such an inspirational post.

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  2. I really do admire moms who home school their kids, I live in Belgium and it is important my kids go to a regular school in order to learn in Dutch which is one of the official languages here. I guess home schooling could be an awesome choice though

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  3. I’m most grateful just to know my children better than I would if they were gone all day. Sometimes I am sorry they only have me as a resource because I’m not very good at helping them find mentors for their passions that go beyond my skills, but I’m trying. 🙂 I really like my children, and I’m grateful for the long hours we have together.

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